Crown & BridgeFull Gold Crowns


This Noble Alloy is suitable for full cast crowns and bridges and easily polishes to a high luster. Full gold crowns bring you all the qualities you enjoy in a yellow alloy at a fraction of the cost.


Save $10
  • Per unit by using an intra-oral scanner
3 Days
  • Turnaround time
  • 7 Years warranty

Whether you prefer high-strength glass-ceramic or zirconium oxide restorations, IPS e.max offers you the perfect balance between simplicity and versatility. IPS e.max uses leading fabrication techniques to optimize strength and accuracy of fit. Through its innovative all-ceramic, conventionally cementable system, IPS e.max delivers excellent shade matching for a stunning smile your patients will love.

Required Case Material

  • Upper and lower impressions or models
  • Bite registration


  • Suitable for full cast crowns and short span bridges


  • Cannot be used for porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFMs)
  • No long span bridges