ImplantsTrilor Bar Crystal Ultra Screw-Retained Hybrid


We are proud to specialize in screw-retained hybrids featuring a CAD/CAM Trilor Bar. Trilor is a high-performance techno-polymer matrix with multi-directional glass fiber reinforcement for permanent, esthetic restorations on implants. Trilor exhibits natural flex and load parameters, making it the ideal replacement for unforgiving metal and zirconia frameworks. We cement teeth onto the bar using CAD/CAM Crystal Ultra NanoCeramic, which is very translucent and esthetically pleasing. At 490 MPa, Crystal Ultra compressive strength is greater than that of any other nanoceramic acrylic or PMMA, making it one of the strongest nanoceramic materials in use for cosmetic and implant dentistry.


Save $10
  • Per unit by using an intra-oral scanner
4 Days
  • Turnaround time
  • 7 Years warranty

A finished Trilor arch weighs about 21 grams, compared to a monolithic zirconia arch weighing about 51 grams. This eliminates “clacking” and headaches caused by heavy zirconia. Crystal Ultra’s .7GPa modus of durability makes it the only ceramic that feels like natural dentin. The gentle, shock absorbing material closely resembles the experience of natural tooth elasticity, and will not wear out natural or denture teeth on the opposing. Ultra is finished using only light cure instead of a sintering oven, meaning that repairs can be done chairside by the doctor with any light cured composite.